10 Tips to Improve Your Relationship with God || A relationship with God is quite similar to a human relationship. And like with human relationships, we have to work at them in order to improve upon...

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A relationship with God is quite similar to a human relationship.

And like with human relationships, we have to work at them in order to improve upon and strengthen them. Whether you’ve been married for a few months or several decades, it’s a continuous investment.

My husband and I have been married for nine years and we still have our challenges. Not as tough as they were when we first got married, but we’ve learned that there are some things that require continuous effort.

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For one, we always have to make time for one another. It gets easy to put this off because of children, activities, and daily life in general.

We also need to consistently speak each other’s love languages. I prefer acts of service and he leans toward words of affirmation, which requires feeding into so that our love tanks will remain full.

For more on love languages, I highly recommend this book:

And last, we must always listen attentively. We can’t be thinking five steps ahead in the conversation, engage in the midst of chaos or anger, or even when our minds are somewhere else.

Approaching God

All of these things we have to actively work at in order to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship. And that’s where I think some Christians struggle to have that same approach with God.

They may immediately probe God for answers, expect a structured visit with Him, or fail to actively listen. I used to be like that…

Improve: hanging headI would often wonder why I couldn’t hear Him as much as others could. Reflecting on it, I wasn’t interested in the effort; I just wanted whatever He could provide for me.

Shallow, I know. And sadly, there are people who treat their spouses with the same exploitative affection.

But despite my initial shallowness, God started to talk to me more over the last year. Not because I deserve His words of wisdom or love, but because I began to change my approach and improve our relationship.

Improving Your Relationship

So here are my 10 tips to improve your relationship with God:

1. Thank Him Often

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God’s provision is all around us, if we would just take the time to notice. But sometimes we get wrapped up in wanting more, less, or even start complaining about the things He has blessed us with.

Take the time to thank him often for your family, home, health, food, income, etc. By doing so, you are not only expressing to Him deserved appreciation, but also reminding yourself to remain grateful for these blessings.

2. Be Vulnerable

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Ever try to establish a good relationship with someone without having to feel vulnerable? When we profess our love or share our secrets, we allow for a deeper connection to be established.

Approaching God in a prideful or angry manner only causes Him to back away. He wants you to come to Him with your heart pouring out, not covered up- so uncover your anger and pride to let Him know what’s truly hurting you.

Crediting & Leaning On

3. Give Him Credit

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Compliments express appreciated awareness. Giving credit where it is due is a very loving act.

It not only shows your gratitude, but also that you notice the workmanship, dedication, and care placed into what He has done for you. When someone tells you that you are gifted at something, give credit to God for that gift by thanking Him in prayer or even professing it to others.

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to Intervene

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I have, on occasion, asked the Holy Spirit to intervene for me. The Holy Spirit knows ours sufferings, desires, and temptations.

And He knows how to communicate them when we cannot place them into words. Don’t be afraid to lean on the Holy Spirit for intercessory prayer, especially when you don’t understand why your heart is hurting or maybe the reason He is convicting you.

Asking & Allowing

5. Ask for Forgiveness

Improve: asking for forgiveness

Even when you have no clue as to what you might have done, sometimes we get a feeling like something is off. Maybe we did something God didn’t approve of or said something we weren’t aware was offensive to Him or others.

In some cases, we are unaware of our offenses because we are not as spiritually mature. God uses those feelings to get our attention, as well as to teach us a new lesson.

6. Allow Him to Speak & Actively Listen

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Prayer doesn’t need to be longwinded or flamboyant to be heartfelt and genuine. You may be someone that talks for quite a while in order to process information, and if so, then allow God time to respond when you are done before you move on to something else.

Whether you are silent for a few minutes or reading Scripture while you wait for Him to speak, the point is to allow for a two-sided conversation. God likely has something to say, we just need to actively listen to Him.

Valuing & Waiting

7. Quality, Not Quantity

Improve: watching clock

About four months ago, I fell asleep the first day I decided to wake up early and spend time with God. When I woke up, He said, “What’s the point of spending time with Me if it’s not quality time?”

The same applies to a family member. You can spend all day being in the room with someone, but if you are on your phone or distracted by some other activity, then what is the point?

8. Be Open To Waiting

Improve: waiting

God does answer us, but normally it’s not on our timeline. It may be the next day that He places a word in our heart, or a few years down the road when He places someone in our path to help.

Have faith that He will answer when you are ready to receive it. Be persistent and sincere in asking for an answer; His faithfulness will amaze you.

Questioning & Affirming

9. Ask Questions

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Always, always, always ask questions! Questions help us grow and become the spiritually mature individuals we aim to become.

And don’t be afraid to ask those tough or embarrassing questions. God is not afraid of them and you shouldn’t be either.

10. Say, “I love you.”

Improve: I Love You sign

Professing your love for Him is healthy, as with human relationships. We all want to be loved, and God is no different.

He wants us to openly choose Him and to want Him in our lives. What better way to confirm this than by saying that you love Him?

Working To Improve

Your relationship with God requires work to improve. It is not something that you can do out of obligation or resentment, but out of genuine love for Him. I hope these tips leave you with some inspiration, as a strong relationship with Him is always worth the effort!

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  1. I love reading your blog! It all seems so simple but it’s so easily forgotten! Thank you!! I’m going to keep coming back to this one.
    Love you

  2. “Be open to waiting.” Ouch! That’s my hardest one, since it’s difficult for me to wait and do nothing about the situation but put it into God’s hands while ministering to others.

  3. Great tips! We need to be intentional about our relationships if we want to experience deep intimacy. I guess I’ve never thought about it that way with God. Silly me!
    Thank you for the tips!


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