This has been a difficult time for me.

It’s a season of a lot of discovery. And it’s been hard to write, mainly because there’s so much going on and I don’t know where to begin.

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Yet even if I’ve been challenged to gather my thoughts, God has shown me the power of His grace throughout it all. A grace which allows me to be overwhelmed by everything, yet still grounded.

To be unsure of myself, yet still secure. So, dear reader, let me testify on this truly remarkable gift of grace by sharing the challenges that have been popping up in my own life of late.

Challenging Times

My son has been going through educational and medical evaluations to determine if he has a mental disability. And in both evals, he’s been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

At the same time, I also received the diagnoses of generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, PTSD, and major depressive disorders. So this season has been extremely tough for me and my family.

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But what’s been the most challenging of all is that it’s led to spiritual stagnation. Because despite all the help I’m receiving and all the increased time I’m spending with God, I can’t seem to move forward.

I can’t seem to do the work God has called me to do. I’ve prayed and prayed for His help in motivating me again, but I’d lost complete interest in writing.

Grace Abounding

So I stopped writing for a time, and I gave into distractions that kept me from attempting to do so. The longer I did this, the more I worried that God was disappointed in me… but He quietly said, “I am never ashamed or disappointed in you.”

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This season has undoubtably been a lesson on God’s grace. His grace says, “It’s ok to not feel good enough, strong enough, or smart enough because you are all of those things to Me.”

And His grace goes on to proclaim, “You, where you are at at anytime in your life is good enough for Me because I make up for what you lack in every moment.” So no matter how difficult your season is, know the truth of His grace: it is lovingly accepting, patiently supportive, undeniably powerful, and surprisingly sufficient.

Unrelenting Love

What about His grace are you needing to realize today? Maybe you are in a tough place like me and think that grace isn’t enough to get you by.

Or maybe you can’t see or feel His grace at all. I would invite you to ask God to open your eyes so that you may dispel the lies that are being told to you.

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Because God has an unrelenting love in every season of your life. And He wants you to know this in order to develop a more believing, more hopeful, and more steadfast faith that will see you through to better days.

Unfailing Grace

Right now, in this emotionally-draining time of discovery, it’s also a time of unexplainable grace. A power so great and undeserving that it cannot fail me.

For it allows me to be broken in the flesh, yet remain whole and confident in the Holy Spirit. It allows me be vulnerable and exposed in my weaknesses, yet protected and secured in His almighty strength and perfect love.

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And more importantly, His grace reminds me that although I’m not enough in this world, I am most certainly enough for God. So, dear reader, I want to give you this message of hope: live every moment by the power of His grace, and feel peace knowing that this place where you are at will change and that His grace is most assuredly and sufficiently seeing you through it!

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