Just as we clean our homes and work spaces, we need to clean our hearts, minds, and bodies.

Because let’s face it, tasks become overwhelming throughout our day and we lose the willpower to fight temptations. So how do we start to clean up our spiritual lives when our physical lives are burdened with “stuff”?

We turn to God’s healing Scripture! It has the power to clean out the blockages created from exhaustion, stress, and overindulgence. 

Deciding To Clean

First of all, we have to decide to clean up. Because God requires active participation in order for there to be any real progress.

And as a result of deciding, we are open to getting rid of the junk in our lives. Whatever we have allowed ourselves to listen to, see, and dwell on will need to be evaluated.

We will need to throw out anything that goes against God’s Word like negative thoughts, activities, and habits. And we need to cling to Scriptures that help us to do this! 

3 Cleansing Scriptures Printable

These three Scriptures provide a foundation for cleansing. They help to remind us of what to treasure in our hearts, what to dwell on in our minds, and what to allow in our bodies in order to better follow Christ!

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