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I often wonder, what am I doing?

I spend a lot of time being stressed out and worried, hoping that tomorrow will be different. But I know it won’t be because my modus operandi is over-analyzation and fear; over-analyzing what I should be doing, and fear of failing my kids, my husband, or myself.

However, God calls me to step out in faith. A real and tangible faith that trusts Him with the unknown, the unseen, and the unlikely.

Foreboding Places

God wants me to have a faith that has substance and backbone. And He wants you to as well… so what’s stopping us?

Perhaps I should begin with a simple and personal example of what faith is from a childhood experience. Imagine a young girl, a creepy basement, and the cord to the light bulb being in the middle of that basement instead of near the doorway.

So to get to that cord, one would have to brave the dangers of the dark and foreboding entrance to Hades in order to see anything in that room. And let me preclude by confessing that I had seen the movies Poltergeist, Killer Clowns, and Arachnophobia around this time.

Stepping Forward

Therefore, armed with nothing but my Tae Kwon Do skills and colorful imagination, I stepped forward. Did I wonder if my life would end in that very room?


Did I wonder if I’d reach out and find a hand clenching my arm? You bet.

But I knew the direction I was going and that the cord would be there because I had done it before, many times. I simply had faith in my pursuit because it was familiar to me.

Walking in Truth

You might be wondering how this applies to you because life is one big unfamiliar event, full of new, unknown, challenging, and often undesirable things. It’s not something we have done before, like walking to a cord in the middle of a basement, time and time again.

Though we may not have lived the steps of our lives yet, God has. It is very familiar to Him.

Yes, our sovereign Almighty has formed us in the womb (Psalm 139:13), counted every hair on our heads (Matthew 10:30), and laid out every step in our lives (Proverbs 16:9). He knows where we need to go and the straightest path to getting there.

Fostering Faith

So our faith in Christ is real and tangible because He knows the way that we take. And we trust in Him because we know Him to be trust-worthy and faithful as we foster a relationship with Him.

Though sadly, in today’s worldview, the understanding of faith is muddied. At worst, it’s either considered without merit or substance, like an empty plate.

And at best, as blind optimism and wishful thinking. These views are not true faith in Christ.

Believing Credibility

True faith isn’t hoping that there’s a way to turn on the light in the metaphorical basement of life; it’s knowing that there is a way, and we are headed in that direction. And it’s not discrediting a light source altogether because we couldn’t find a light switch when we first entered the room.

Believing in Christ is assured by His credibility, not by our desires or the understanding of our circumstances. It’s trusting that our lives and paths are familiar to Him, and that He will get us to where we need to go, despite our ability to see or comprehend.

Great examples of true faith are those listed in Hebrews 11, some of which are Abraham, Moses, Rahab, and David. All were called to put themselves out there “in the middle of the dark room”, believing that God would be there for them.

Being Led

And He was there for each one of them. God gave Abraham a son, and parted the Red Sea for Moses.

God redeemed Rahab from prostitution and death, and gave David an everlasting kingdom through Messiah. All were sinners, and all were unworthy.

But they had a real and tangible faith in God. And by this faith, they were counted as righteous and worthy of being led to the Light.

Assuring Faith

These great people of faith, rooted by their personal testimonies of God and His faithful character, did some pretty impossible and amazing things. And our faith should lead us to do the same.

Our faith should lead us to places we never thought possible. Because it’s a faith that is assured, confident, and intentionally moving in a purposed direction, knowing that the Light is there, and that He will do what He has promised because He is faithful.

Therefore, my friends, take courage and step out into the dark rooms of this earthly life. Arm yourselves with a real and tangible faith, and watch God do some pretty remarkable things!

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