I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with money ever since I could remember.

It was a saver’s mentality, believing that I didn’t have enough to spend on myself because there just wasn’t enough for future emergencies and unexpected expenses. It’s actually taken nearly thirty years to realize there was a problem with my thinking.

Battle Plan #1 (Money) Manual- piggybank on money

And it stunted my spiritual maturity in Christ, as well as making me absolutely miserable! So when God pointed out this wrong thinking, I asked Him to step in and change me.

Seven years later, my relationship with money has drastically improved. Though the desire to hoard still shows up, God has taught me how to fight against it, creating not only a bountiful harvest in my life, but also in so many others!

Transforming Slowly

But God’s process, like with a lot of things, is to transform slowly. Mostly because it creates lasting change to grow gradually and carefully.

My journey to heal started by asking for help, little by little. I often prayed for Him to step in and help me when the temptation to conserve resources overwhelmed me, and then I began asking for help in smaller situations that most would deem insignificant for a big God to handle.

But God always helped me… every single time. Though the real change began when He prompted me to study His Word.

Lasting Change

Because God’s Word is powerful and transformative, leading to a real and lasting heart-change. And so, I read and meditated on His Word every day, opening the door to a floodgate of revelations like never before.

And little by little, my thinking matured. He taught me how to let go of my tight hold on money, and how to manage it the right way.Battle Plan #1 (Money) Manual- truth

Yet, God didn’t stop there. He matured me in several areas that I didn’t know I needed the help in; areas that seemed to greatly enable my poor relationship with money.

Setting Free

Dear friend, God is faithful to us, and He works in big and mysterious ways. He wants to not only change our understanding of Who He is, and but also to set us free from the things that hold us captive. 

And He has done that for me. He has made me capable of healing my relationship with money, as well as my trust and confidence in Him to take care of me and my loved ones.

Battle Plan #1 (Money) Manual- giving money

So if you struggle with any kind of money problems, God is faithful and He will help you! Start by asking for His help whenever you are tempted in your own way.

Battle Plan Manual #1: Money

With God’s guidance, I’ve constructed a Battle Plan Manual of Scriptures to target a breakthrough in your finances. I pray that they change your heart and harvest in life in the Name of Jesus Christ!

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