Faith Without Works: Busy & Aimless (Part 1) || Ever wonder what being too busy does do your spiritual growth? Learn more on how busyness can effect your faith and what you need to do to avoid it...

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Three months ago, I set an intention.

I planned on getting out of bed at 5am every morning to study the Word.
I’m a naturally busy person, so it would definitely be a challenge, but I was dedicated.

When I finally rolled out of bed the first day and opened my Bible, I prayed a silent prayer. God, please enlighten me on whatever it is I need enlightening on.

You know what happened next? I fell asleep.

Busy: Sleeping on CouchYep, I asked God for His wisdom and then started snoozing. When I finally woke up, He said, “What is the point of spending time with Me if it’s not quality time?”

Though not the first thing I’d like to learn in my time with Him, it was well-deserved. What is the point of setting an intention if I am too tired to accomplish it?

Being Too Busy

When I consider all the activities I plan, I realize how much I wear myself out trying to fit them all in. I work tirelessly during the day, get little sleep, then somehow expect to wake up refreshed for Him.

How often do we try to spend time with Him and fail? Here were my reasons why I struggled:

• The laundry needs to be done or we won’t have clothes for tomorrow.

• The only time I have with my husband is in the evening because he works long hours.

• I only have the morning to run errands because my son takes a nap in the afternoon.

• The house is filthy, dishes need to be done, and I have to make dinner.

Busy: Dirty Dishes

As you can see, this is life! There will always be laundry, dishes, meals, groceries, work deadlines, house projects, school projects, appointments, bills, sports games, repairs, etc.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in busyness. Yet, if we truly believe in Him, shouldn’t our priorities be evidence of it? Shouldn’t we be well-rested and joyful instead of overwhelmed, exhausted, and miserable?

Having Faith Without Works

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. (James 2:26)

The Apostle James was indicating that true faith should pour out of us like a cup that overflows. If my love for God and faith in Him is sincere, then it should be obvious by my attitude and tasks.

The weeks building up to my website launch, I became stressed and anxious. I not only had to manage the household and take care of my toddler, but I was starting a business on top of it all.

Busy: Chaos graphicStress doesn’t even begin to describe it. I became overly caffeinated, sleep-deprived, and quick-tempered.

After working long hours, I became easily frustrated with my son’s interruptions and tantrums. I spent less time with my husband, less on my own well-being, and less with God.

Deceiving Efforts

I was deceiving myself thinking I was placing belief in God. Till one evening, God said, “Spend time with Me.”

I began reading His Word, being led to the story of Ananias and his wife, Sapphira. When Ananias kept a portion of the money he had promised to the Lord, God struck him and his wife dead.

Busy: Money in pocketThey not only lied to the church, but also to God; they worshipped both money and God. So He is telling me I was committing idolatry by worshipping something other than Him… getting tasks accomplished on my to-do list.

I made an agenda without God and devoted time and energy to its completion. I fully believed I could control the success of my day, instead of giving it over to Him.

Believing In Idols

I was certain that my busy schedule was going to produce fruitful outcomes, despite my means.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Was I producing peace when I yelled at my son? Did I show my husband love when I put off spending time with Him?

Busy: Stressed Woman

Was I exhibiting self-control when I was not getting enough sleep, eating poorly, and working too much? Absolutely not.

I became distant to my son, husband, and God. I had no excited anticipation over my business launch.

Having Faith With Works

I wasn’t being joyful and kind. My thoughts and actions didn’t express trust in God.

If they did, I would have taken time to play with my son and talk with my husband. I would have spent time outside enjoying the weather and inviting friends over to decompress.

There would be more rest, better nutrition, and valuable time with Him. So whether you are a parent, student, spouse, employee, caregiver, or all of these things, consider your daily routine.

Busy: Proverbs 3:5

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Trusting God to lead is very difficult, but relying on ourselves and producing no fruit of the Spirit shows Him that we lack faith. Consider what we sow into and why, recognizing whether or not we sincerely believe in Him and desire what He has to offer us.

Join me in Faith Without Works: Busy & Aimless (Part 2) to discover what God’s solution for me is!

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  1. It’s funny how this all works. I have always found, when I actually make God a priority, everything else falls into place. No, I don’t always get everything done on my to do list, but I go through out the day feeling His peace and His energy rather than feeling frazzled and frustrated. Thanks for this needed reminder of where our priorities should always be. – Amy

  2. “I made an agenda without God and devoted time and energy to its completion.” Wow, yes! I have felt the same way about this high productivity culture. It leaves us no time to connect with God and to be led by His Spirit.

    • It is easy to fall victim to the addiction of accomplishment, thinking that our high productivity will make the next day better or even easier. Not to say that hard work doesn’t pay off; it’s just recognizing whether or not our hard work is being sown into fickle things like success or in constant things like God. Thanks, Susan!

  3. Oh this is speaking to my heart today! I’m attempting to juggle my full-time career as a therapist, wife, mom, now new blogger while still putting God first and making sure my nutrition doesn’t suffer and getting enough sleep. I think I’m managing okay but I look forward to your part 2 so I can glean more wisdom!

  4. This is something that I’ve been struggling with lately. The last few months I’ve had the nagging thought in my head, “Am I just leaving God the scraps of my time every day, when he gave me all of every day I’ve ever had?”

    • You are not alone, Neva! Those nagging thoughts are usually nudges from the Holy Spirit, trying to get your attention. I hope you take some time to know as to whether or not you are giving Him your best because He deserves it and so do you!

  5. Sometimes I feel the most spiritual thing I can do is take a nap. Resting is trusting that He will take care of things or help us to. But you are right. Not including God in our agenda will doom us to busyness for the sake of busyness. Performance will matter more than calling.

    • I’m glad you said ‘the most spiritual thing I can do is take a nap’ because I agree. Sometimes God wants us to slow down and physically rest. There have been other times where I have opened my Bible and started praying, only to have Him respond, “Rest.” That’s all He wanted me to do- to just rest so that I can think we a clear head and regain my determination. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You’ve raised great questions! It’s hard to find the balance, but my day feels like it has balanced when I begin it with God. I have a young one at home so some days it’s not what I desire but I extend grace to myself during this season. I try to worship and speak with Him throughout the day especially when doing chores.


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