How to Find Galena Summit on Your Sawtooth Adventure

Beauty is around every corner in Central Idaho. Galena Summit provides visitors with gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding mountains without having to hike or walk! So, pack your camera, and get ready for one of the prettiest sights you’ll ever see! 

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You’re Guide to Visiting Galena Summit 

What You’ll See There 

Galena Summit offers some of the best scenic views in Central Idaho. The overlook is right off of the road, so there’s no strenuous hiking or walking required! Bring your camera for a world-class photography shoot with the Sawtooth Mountains looming in the background. Scan the valleys below for wildlife in the middle of the day. We recommend driving up to the Galena Summit Overlook in the early morning or late evening for a sunrise or a sunset to truly make the most of the breathtaking views. If you’re traveling up and down Highway 75 at dusk, be on the lookout for deer and other animals crossing the highway. 

How to Get to Galena Summit 

Getting to Galena Summit is incredibly easy, especially when you stay at the Redfish Lake Lodge. If you start in Stanley, you just head south on Highway 75 for 35 minutes until you reach the overlook. It’s important that you go to the Galena Summit Overlook, which is on the west side of the summit, because most online maps will take you to the actual summit (here is the correct route). 

There are several ways you can make this a nice stop on a day trip. Galena is the halfway point in between Stanley and Ketchum, which is a beautiful small town in the heart of Sun Valley. So much so that celebrities like Tom Hanks, Oprah, and Mark Zuckerburg take a break from the spotlight here. While Ketchum is only an hour away, you can always stop at Alturas Lake instead, between Stanley and Galena. There, you can hike, boat, or swim in the clear waters of this alpine lake. The Sawtooth Fish Hatchery is another interesting stop down the road from Stanley. Learn about salmon and its importance to the aptly named Salon River ecosystem in this interactive and educational attraction. 

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