How to Have the Ultimate Adventure on the Alpine Lake Trail in Idaho

Hiking through the Sawtooth Mountains is one of the most exciting and rewarding activities in our area. The Alpine Lake Trail in Idaho offers a unique opportunity to see beautiful peaks, valleys, and babbling brooks. It’s a hike you won’t want to miss!

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How to Hike the Alpine Lake Trail in Idaho

Hiking From Redfish Lake to Alpine Lake Trail Details

You will start your hike along the Alpine Lake Trail in Idaho begins on the other side of Redfish Lake. This is where the Redfish Boat Shuttle comes in handy! This convenient shuttle takes you across the lake to the Redfish Inlet Trailhead, where you will officially start your 11-mile trek on this fantastic out-and-back trail. 

Tip: The Redfish Boat Shuttle offers $19 roundtrip boat rides and $14 one-way trips. We do not require any reservations, and it leaves on-demand, so walk-ups are more than welcome! 

Follow the Redfish Inlet Trail as it follows the babbling Redfish Lake Creek past the scenic peaks of Grand Mogul and Elephant’s Perch. You’ll want to snap a couple of pictures of these magnificent mountains from the valley floor. Early in the season, there is plenty of runoff from melting snow, so you’ll need to hop over and between a few small drainage creeks flowing down the mountainside. When you reach a fork in the trail called Flat Rock Junction, take a right. This is where the hike to Alpine Lake starts becomes increasingly difficult. You’ll find a series of challenging yet fun switchbacks leading up the side of a mountain. Once the Alpine Lake Trail flattens out, you’ll find yourself on the edge of a gorgeous mountain lake! Soak in the beautiful views from the base of Packrat Peak, enjoy a quick snack, and then head back down the trail towards our Lodge!

Difficulty Level

The Alpine Lake Trail in Idaho is moderately difficult. While a significant portion of the trek weaves and winds through a valley, the rest of the trail from Flat Rock Junction can get a little tricky for hikers. However, the well-maintained switchbacks and clear trails make for a safe journey without any harrowing challenges. Between hopping creeks and steep ascents, you’ll get a great workout hiking this trail. But it’s worth it for the beautiful views!

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