What You Need to Know Before Exploring Grand Mogul

What You Need to Know Before Exploring Grand Mogul

Hiking, climbing, and scrambling are all highlights in the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Our area’s stunning collection of peaks and valley provide an incredible network of trails and summits for traversing during your trip to Central Idaho. One of the most impressive and challenging mountains is Grand Mogul. This mass of jagged rocks juts out from the Southwest end of Redfish Lake and invites climbers, hikers, and adventurers!

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About Grand Mogul

Grand Mogul is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Sawtooth Mountain Range. You can spot it from the sandy shores of the beach at our resort at the opposite end of Redfish Lake. Mount Heyburn, which is also a fantastic hiking location, dwarfs Grand Mogul, but it sits as a stunning complement to the surrounding mountains engulfing the deep blue waters of our alpine lake. The tallest point of the summit is almost 9,733-feet above sea level.

Climbing Grand Mogul With Sawtooth Mountain Guides

The most common way to trek to the top of this rugged peak is on the Sockeye Trail. Hike Along the back of Redfish Lake until you reach the saddle junction of the Grand Mogul and Sockeye Trail. From there, you will traverse over a couple of ridges on the southeast side of the mountain until you see a small seasonal “pond” (dry in the latter part of the summer) on the south side of the Grand Mogul. From here, you can access the summit up some scrambling fields a bit of a technical climb near the summit on the southeast part of the mountain.

Chockstone Couloir is another way to reach the summit, but even if you are an experienced climber, we recommend traversing this route with Sawtooth Mountain Guides. While their website doesn’t have a specific listing about pricing or dates, you can give this trusty local guide service a call to see if you can work out a climb with them. 

There are no marked paths or clear-cut routes up the mountain, so unless you bring all of the necessary equipment for a technical climb and have experience climbing challenging peaks, stick to a guide service for safety reasons.

Hiking Near Grand Mogul

If you want a taste this majestic mountain without the technical climbing, hike along the scenic Grand Mogul Trail. The best way to access this trail is by taking our Redfish Lake boat shuttle service to the Southwest end of the lake. Once you get off the boat, you’ll travel along the edge of the lake below Grand Mogul until you reach a switchback that takes you up to a ridgeline. The views from this point are incredible. You can spot the peak of Grand Mogul in front of you, along with the panoramic scenery of Redfish Lake and Mount Heyburn. 

The rest of the trail consists of hiking along the ridgeline until you reach Sockeye Campground. This point-to-point hike is 7.7-miles, so you can either turn around and head back to meet the shuttle or follow Road 214 for about two miles to Redfish Lake Lodge.

Note: While this is a popular hike around Redfish Lake, the main purpose of this trail is to traverse the south shore of the lake.

Plan Your Getaway to Redfish Lake Lodge

Redfish Lake Lodge is an adventurers paradise. Our beautiful lakeside setting is home to an array of lodging, activities, and dining options. Hikers, bikers, and climbers will fall in love with all of the trails branching out from the property leading to the Bench Lakes, Mount Heyburn, and several other amazing peaks in the area. We offer a collection of incredible specials that you can take advantage of to maximize your stay with us. 

Start planning your trip today by browsing our accommodations. If you can’t find availability with us, be sure to check one of our sister properties around the corner in Stanley! We look forward to welcoming you to our lodge.