Here Is What You Need to Know About Washington Lake in Idaho

When you think of Idaho, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the expansive outdoors that can be explored hour after hour. The mountain ranges reach up to touch the clouds and are dotted with alpine lakes and dense greenery. If you’re choosing where to trek to during your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge, we recommend trying something like Washington Lake in Idaho.  Don’t forget to get your copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide for even more spots to explore and things to do while you’re here!

About Washington Lake in Idaho

Washington Lake is tucked away amongst the White Cloud Mountains in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The trail to get to this alpine lake it well-known for its stunning views. The hike is categorized as easy and is best enjoyed in the summer and fall. Hike during the summer to be surrounded by wildflowers or during the fall to experience the colorful foliage! This lake is not as well-known as other hikes in the area, so you’ll have uncrowded, serene trails ahead of you.

The Hike

The hike to Washington Lake in Idaho is perfect for beginners or those that want an easy way to appreciate the scenery. The distance to the lake is 5.6 miles, but it is a there-and-back trail, so it is an 11.2-mile round trip. Throughout the 5+ miles, there is an elevation gain of about 762 feet. That makes it the perfect day hike or you can strap on a backpack for a backpacking adventure!

Your journey will begin at the Fourth of July Trailhead. Once you get off of State Hwy 75, the road to the trailhead is known for being long and a little rough at times, so we recommend having a vehicle that can take the terrain. However, the views you will experience on the trail are worth it!

The trail itself starts out a little steep and rocky but will eventually even out. To continue onto the correct route, stay straight. You’ll pass through a breathtaking meadow and cross the outlet to Fourth of July Lake. You will encounter a traverse before descending toward Washington Lake. Once you have reached the end, take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view!

Tips for Hiking Washington Lake in Idaho

  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear! If you’re going to be hiking all day, it might even be a good idea to bring another layer for when it gets chilly at night.
  • Water and snacks are always a given when hiking, but sometimes it is easy to forget when trekking an easy trail. It’s better to have more than enough than not enough!
  • Don’t be afraid to turn around if you’re tired. With a there-and-back trail, always keep in mind that you’ll need to turn around eventually, even if it isn’t at your destination.

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