This list of Frequently Asked Questions provides additional information about events at Redfish. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact the event coordinator by email at or phone at 208-774-3536.

Is there an event coordinator onsite for the duration of the event? Who do we contact in an emergency?

Yes, there is an event coordinator onsite for the duration of the entire event. The front desk staff is an alternate contact in an emergency.

What time does it get dark? When is lighting needed?

In the peak of the summer, around July, it’s light until after 9:00 pm; otherwise, it’s light until around 8:00pm.

I’ve heard it gets windy in the afternoon…what time and how strong?

The wind often does pick up from about noon to around 3:00pm. Sometimes it can get a little gusty around 3:00 or 4:00pm, but it usually dies off by 5:00. Measures, such as tent walls and secured tablecloths if tent walls are not up, usually prevent any problems. And again, the wind typically dies down by the early evening.

Is there an option to not have a tent?

No. Because you are in the mountains, weather can change from moment to moment. In the event that there is questionable weather, there is nowhere else to go for your event. Our restaurant and lodge are in full swing, and there is no other location for you and your guests to go. The party simply has to end. That’s why we insist that outdoor events have a tent. With our wedding tent, we have walls as an option, so that if it does get blustery or stormy, we can put the walls up. If it is a bright sunny day, many like the shade of the tent. On those days, the walls usually remain off. We discuss wall options on the day of the event.

Will there be parking available for guests not staying at the lodge?

Yes, the day parking is available. There is also parking down at the trailhead parking, if for some reason there weren’t enough at the lodge. Trailhead parking is about ¼ mile away. Parking has never seemed to be a problem the guests attending our weddings and events.

What bathroom facilities are available for guests during the reception?

There are public restrooms nearby, and the bathrooms in the lodge are also available.

Is the event lawn a private area?

Because it’s outdoor and we remain open to the public, there are people on the front lawn and beach, and people walking along nearby paths. But the event lawn area remains relatively private. The area is not roped off, but with the tent and tables and all, it is pretty obvious it’s a private function. This has never been a problem and we have not had any complaints from weddings or events.

Who is responsible for setting up buffet, tables, linens, centerpieces, lights, etc.?

Generally, we set the tables with tablecloths and rolled silverware, and then family members or friends set the centerpieces and any decorations. We are happy to place the centerpieces (that you provide) if that helps you out. For additional decorations, we can get a staff member to do the decorating for a small additional fee.

What color and size linens are available?

There is a variety of color available: white and champagne have been most popular. The linens are 132 inch round linens and they go to the floor. Our tables are 6 ft rounds and they seat 10 people. We have several 8 ft tables as well that have linens to go the floor. If you wish to have colored toppers, they are available through our supplier and are included in the $3 per person set up fee. If our supplier does not have that color, we may special order in a specific color for a small fee.

How early may we start setting up the reception area?

We usually set up the morning of the event. We put the table clothes and rolled silverware on at that time as well. If you’d like more time than that, we can arrange earlier set ups the day before if necessary.

Who is responsible for clean-up?

We are responsible for clean-up of food, plates, utensils, glasses, garbage, and linens. You are responsible for clean-up of decorations and all personal items.  Additional help needed is available if needed for an hourly rate.

Is there a refrigerator where flowers or cakes may be stored?

We have very limited storage space, so please consider that when planning for flowers and your wedding cake. We are happy to store what we can in our “wedding refrigerator,” (which is a normal sized refrigerator) but again, that is all that there is available.

What does the staff wear while working?

Black pants and black shirts. In some casual settings, staff may where khaki pants and white shirts.

Is there a small table available for a guest book? Are any tables available for gifts or other displays?

Yes, we have a few tables available: small rectangle, or 6 or 8 ft rectangle banquet tables. Please arrange beforehand in your two week write up if you want to use any on the day of your event .

Is there a music volume or time limit?

For volume, our answer is something reasonable. Keep in mind that we are bordering on wilderness and other guests have come to enjoy the peacefulness of wilderness, so they don’t want to be relaxing on the beach hearing blaring music. Music can start in the afternoon but needs to end at 9:00 pm.

How many electrical outlets are available? Are there extension cords available?

There are 4 outlets at the edge of the event lawn and 2 more at the gazebo. DJ’s are encouraged to bring their own cords and tables if needed. Also, if you plan on using an I-pod, please also plan accordingly with your electrical needs for speakers and needed accessories. Please arrange beforehand if you want to use an extension cord.

May we use tiki torches or candles for decoration?

Because we are on Forest Service land, you should probably check with the Forest Service. It will likely depend on current fire restrictions.

How is the food served?

The appetizers are served buffet-style within the tent. The entrée course and casual affairs buffet is served off of the food service table located on the north end of the tent. With the Entrée selection, it is a modified buffet: guests walk through the line holding their plate as we plate the food in order to control portions. If you order off of the casual affairs menu, guests go through the food line with their plates and it is a self serve, no host buffet. We also have a bar set up for you and your guests in the tent area also where alcohol is served. (beer and wine). Non-alcoholic beverages are self-service. (Iced tea, lemonade, and water)  Mixed drinks bars are available upon request and an extra bartender wages may apply.

How do you determine and charge for food portions?

Here’s an example: you tell us you want a fruit and cheese platter for 100 people, and we charge $5/person* = $500. Then the chef prepares a fruit and cheese platter for that many people based on his method of figuring portions. Or you tell us you want New York steak for 50 people, and we charge $20/person* = $1,000.00. Then the kitchen prepares 50 steaks (they’d probably do 54 or 55 to be safe). *Note: prices are for example purposes, not necessarily actual prices.

Is there a “whole” menu available for a set price?

If you chose something off of our catering entrée menu, it is a set price. The entrée’s come with a choice of sides. If you chose something off of our “casual affairs” menu, you can state the number of guests and your selections, we can come to an agreement upon your choices, budget, and selections.

What happens if more guests come than planned and we run out of food? Do you prepare more just in case?

The chef will usually prepare a couple of extra entrees of what you ordered “just in case”, but you may want to overestimate by a couple of plates as well just to be safe. Appetizers are gone when they are gone.

What happens to leftovers?

Typically we love to box up a late night snack for the bride and groom. For our casual affairs buffet the leftovers are not available for your group, in that buffet are set up as buffets only to be used at that time. In most cases, there is very little left over and sometimes offer them to the event staff following the events.

How long is the buffet set up?

Unless requested, we disassemble the casual affairs buffet line about an hour after everyone has eaten. In the event you have ordered off of the Entrée Menu…we are happy to wrap up anything you request for you to take back to your cabin.

Do you provide cake plates and forks?

Yes! We have 3 inch cream ceramic plates and cake forks that your wedding cake is served on.

Who cuts the cake? Does the staff save the cake top for us?

We do! We will be happy to save the top for you!

Is the alcohol based on consumption?

No, it’s based on what you order. If there is leftover wine, we send it with you. Not so easy to do with leftover beer in kegs, but you pay for the keg, regardless of whether you finish it or not.

If we order 2 kegs and need more, is it available? If we order 3 kegs and only use 2, are we charged for it?

Maybe, it depends on what the bartender has in stock—a concern you can discuss with him. If you order 3 kegs and only use 2, you may not be charged for the third, if the bartender can use it. If it’s a beer he commonly serves, then he can probably take it back. If it’s not, then you would have to pay for it. Note: We serve beer in clear plastic 16 oz glasses.

Is there an open bar where guests can purchase cocktails? What kind of beer is available?

Most definitely—at the bar right inside the lodge you may purchase cocktails. Almost anything can be ordered in for your wedding party in the tent for your alcohol wishes.

What kind of wine glasses are offered?

We have about 200 wine glasses. If we run out of glass, we use plastic. Also, we have champagne glasses for parties up to 200 people.

Is there a bartender or is it self-service? Is the bartender tipped?

Yes, there is a bartender. There is a tip jar for those who wish to tip the bartender independently; however, tips are also covered by the 20% you pay with your catering bill.

Are sodas, juices, coffee, tea, lemonade, etc. available for purchase? What is included?

Iced tea, lemonade, and water are included with the catering. We also have coffee available for self-service after the cake cutting if you request it.


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