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When you dream of Idaho, what comes to mind? For us at Redfish Lake Lodge, we think the rugged nature, beautiful glacier-carved beaches, and of course, the assortment of outdoor activities. Whether you want to climb up to the cliffs, hit the slopes, trailblaze, or learn something new, embark on your next expedition with Sawtooth Mountain Guides. This incredible company encourages you to challenge and push yourself to the limits while enjoying our mountainous region. Grab your gear, bring your spirit of wonder, and make unforgettable memories on your trip this year!

Once you’ve completed your journey with the Sawtooth Mountain Guides, set aside some time to experience the food, fun, and Northwestern flair of Stanley, ID. By requesting a copy of our free Travel Guide, you’ll have access to our top choices for area attractions, things to do, and places to explore. As you scroll through our mobile-friendly planner, check out the featured accommodations and the array of amenities at Redfish Lake Lodge.

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If you want to immerse yourself in the mountains and top trails of Stanley, the Sawtooth Mountain Guides will help you do just that.

About the Guides

Whether you are coming from Sun Valley, Stanley, or Boise, you’ve probably heard the name of the Sawtooth Mountain Guides. For those of you who are visiting, this adventure-focused company has provided top-notch service since 1985 and is an Accredited Guide Service through the American Mountain Guides Association. These local experts will help you understand everything about our incredible area from rock climbing to skiing, to hiking, and more. Each of these fellow adventurers has an extensive background, first-hand experience, and leading knowledge on a particular recreational activity. Also, each guide has his/her own unique story, so be sure to ask them about it on your journey!

Choose Your Adventure

Join current owners- Chris Lundy, Sara Lundy, and Eric Leideker- as well as the rest of the Sawtooth Mountain Guides for an enthralling experience. Here are four of the best ways to discover our rugged region!

For the Beginners

Cooler months in Idaho afford you the unique opportunity to see the entire landscape blanketed with snow. In addition to skiing with the Sawtooth Mountain Guides, learn about the safety and importance of avalanche awareness. Their classes are designed to educate you on how to avoid these fascinating yet dangerous natural events.

For the Climbers

You’ll reach new heights when you buckle into your harness and scale the side of the mountain with one of the rock climbing experts. There are many places to climb in Idaho, but none is quite like the Elephant’s Perch. This magnificent location boasts 30 different routes, over 1,200 feet of expanse, and is known in Idaho as the “Big Wall.” Trust us; you’ll want to master this moderate journey during your trip!

For the Hikers

You begin your journey at Redfish Lake Lodge and take a boat across one of the most stunning lakes in the United States to the ultimate day hiking expedition. Once you set foot on land, explore the extensive network of pathways, including the Fishhook Creek Trail, and see the alpine forests and native wildlife of Central Idaho. Bring your binoculars, your camera, and your questions with you on your adventure!

For the Skiers

Hit the steep slopes for some of the best backcountry skiing in the Northwest. You’ll feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate with one of the Sawtooth Mountain Guides down the powder-covered landscape. This challenging adventure lends itself to be one of the most wonderful experiences!

Refuel at Redfish Lake Lodge

After a day or two of exploring with the Sawtooth Mountain Guides, bring your camera full of photos and your stories back to your cabin at Redfish Lake Lodge or your accommodation at Redfish Riverside Inn. Each of our mountainside properties offers the most relaxing amenities, including comfortable bedding, private decks, and deluxe bathrooms. Once you’re recharged, make your way to the Lodge and indulge in the regionally inspired cuisine at one of our dining establishments. With relaxation and wonder awaiting your arrival, don’t wait any longer to plan your best vacation yet!

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