Go Horseback Riding near Redfish Lake

Horseback Riding is a favorite activity at and around Redfish Lake. The Sawtooth National Wilderness Area offers over 300 miles of trails which are only accessible on foot or horseback, so it’s the only way to catch a ride throughout the territory. Guests that are interested in exploring the trails on one of our four-legged friends can find the Redfish Lake Corrals located just a stone’s throw away from the Lodge. This fantastic outfit is operated by Mystic Saddle Ranch and their expert crew of cowboys and cowgirls is well-trained in the art of trail riding.

Once you saddle up, you’ll weave your way up trail, into high mountain meadows and pockets of Aspen, scattered Lodgepole Pine and towering Ponderosa Pine. The towering peaks of the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountain Ranges line your view in every direction, no matter which ride you choose. Trail guides are always friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the horses and the area, and they’re sure to make this a memorable part of your vacation. The options vary depending on ride time and experience-level:

  • Choose from 1 hour or 1.5 hour ride if you are a true beginner. This is also a great option for families with young children. (No double riders, everyone has their own horse, ages 6+, helmets provided)
  • The two hour and ½ day rides are great for a slightly more experienced rider, traveling a bit further and viewing a bit more scenery along the way.
  • If you have a little extra time and would like to spend the entire day on the trail, you can take a full day ride to Marshall Lake. This is a small, but beautiful lake located at the base of Williams Peak. (approximately 9 miles round trip)
  • If you like a little pampering and a little adventure all at once, you’ll enjoy the full day ride up to beautiful Alpine Lake. For this trip, you’ll start your day with a freshly cooked breakfast at Redfish Lake Lodge. After your full, a boat will take you from the Lodge across Redfish Lake, where your horses and guides will meet you. Once on horseback, you’ll meander along Redfish Lake Creek and climb to Alpine Lake, where a box lunch and spectacular view await. After the ride back, you will enjoy a delicious, freshly cooked meal from the talented chefs at the Lodge.
  • If you’d like to spend a night under the stars after a great day of riding, there is an overnight option offered at the Redfish Lake Inlet Transfer Camp. All you need are your personal items and the team at the Corrals will take care of the rest. You’ll enjoy a wonderful ride along the west side of Redfish Lake to a camp which has been setup for you on the opposite end. There, your guides will cook your meals and share a night of Sawtooth Mountain fun. *This is also a great option if your group has people who do not want to ride (or are under 6 years old) because a boat can shuttle non-riders across the lake to meet the group. It’s lots of fun for the whole family!


Redfish Lake Corrals by Mystic Saddle Ranch

Web: www.mysticsaddleranch.com

Phone: 208-774-3311


If you’re looking to explore areas beyond Redfish Lake, there are a number of other area outfitters that offer a variety of horseback riding services. We’ve provided a general outline of their services and some useful links below.


Pioneer Outfitters

Web: www.pioneermountain.com

Phone: Summer (208) 774-3737 (May – November)

Corrals (208) 774-4747 (June – September)

Year Round (208) 308-1770  (Devan’s Cell)

E-Mail: info@pioneeroutfitters.net

Details: Based out of Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

  • 1.5 Hour Rides
  • ½ Day Rides
  • Pony Rides
  • Full Day Ride to Horton Peak
  • 9-Mile Ride to Redfish Lake Inlet
  • 10-Mile Ride to Casino Lakes (Out of Boundary Creek)
  • Full Day Ride to Chamberlain Lakes
  • And A Wide Array of Overnight Pack Trips


Valley Ranch Outfitters

Web: http://www.valleyranchoutfitters.net/

Phone: 208-774-3470

Details: ½ Day or Full Day Rides to…

  • Imogene Lake
  • Alice Lake
  • Toxaway Lake
  • Sawtooth Lake
  • Casino Lakes


White Cloud Outfitters (Challis, ID)

Web: http://www.whitecloudoutfitters.com/

Phone: (208) 879-4574

E-Mail: info@whitecloudoutfitters.com

Details: Contact for Details
There’s nothing quite like exploring the Sawtooths on horseback, so we hope you’ll take a ride on your next visit to Redfish Lake.