Have You Seen All The Exciting Changes At The Lake?…

It’s hard to believe it’s already the 4th of July and the summer is moving along – as beautiful as ever. We’ve been working extra hard up here at The Lodge, so we wanted to clue our family and friends in on everything that’s been happening up here. We hope you’ll all come up to pay us a visit and take a look at all the exciting things happening at our favorite Idaho vacation destination.

The Docks Are Open & Looking Great!

After a long and difficult reconstruction process, we’re very excited that our beloved docks are open once again. This feature of almost everyone’s Redfish Lake visit is looking as good as ever, and we’re happy to report that operations are back in full swing. Bring your camera and pay our dock crew a visit. As you realize the dock was nothing more than a pile of boards and empty space but 2 months ago – the walk down the boardwalk will never mean as much.

New Bathrooms & Additions In The Lodge!

Anyone who has used the restrooms in the Restaurant, at the back of the lower portion of The Lodge, has probably thought (or informed us) they could use an update. Well, after much planning and approval, we were finally able to make and adjustment and addition to the historic Lodge building. A new bathroom has been constructed on the back portion of the Lodge building – to accommodate a larger number of guests, more comfortably and conveniently. At the same time, we improved the storage and facilities for our Lounge and Gazebo, making life easier for guests and crew alike. Come take a look at these great new facilities. We’re very proud of the time and effort made to provide them for our guests and visitors, and we hope to continue making updates to improve facilities for years to come.

Fantastic New Toys For Rent At The Marina!

Along with the re-conoga in a peaceful, amazing setting with awesome people that can take your skills to a whole new level? Then come check out Yoga On The Lawn with our resident expert. We’re very excited to offer this opportunity to improve your health, mind, and body – set against the cool mornings and epic backdrop of the Sawtooths. If you’re interested, contact our Front Desk (208-774-3536) to learn more about this fun opportunity.

Classic Movies From Our Theater On The Lake!

We’re trying something new this summer and we hope you’ll try it too. We’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch movies set against the backdrop of the Sawtooths – kind of like a Redfish Lake Drive-In, but set on the Dock (Float-In?). We decided to make it happen in 2015, so we’re very excited to invite you to share some time and ejoy some classic movies with us on the Dock. We’re still working out some of the details, but the first Movie Night will be this 4th of July. We’ll be screening Toy Story (or Up), so we’ll hope you’ll join us and give us your feedback to make this a really great, regular family event.

Fresh Flavors & Ingredients In The Lodge Restaurant!

Our talented kitchen crew always forms an excellent bond while preparing fantastic meals for our guests. This year is no different and we’re very excited about many of the spectacular meals that are coming from the team. Our menu continues to improve, drawing from local and regional ingredients and developing flavors and combinations which can be found in the very best L.A. restaurants. Dinners offer mouth-watering regional fare, while our breakfasts offer something fantastic for all appetites. Don’t miss our new, signature Chicken and Waffles dish – which sports a branded Redfish Guppy baked into the waffle. And be sure to visit for our Weekend Breakfast Buffet – which continues to grow in fame and value. You’ll thank us for the invitation.

New Road Construction Moving Fast!

Construction is well underway on a new road which will connect Redfish Lake Lodge with ID75. The new road will bypass the current bridge over Redfish Lake Creek, following the creek’s eastern edge for a time, before crossing the creek on a new bridge at a location, which is nearer to the Horse Corrals and Redfish Lake Lodge employee housing. The project is making good progress, but has resulted in some traffic delays as they’ve narrowed the road to one lane at times. We hope that most delays have passed at this point, so we encourage guests to come up and check out all the changes. Please be responsible and careful as you encounter the work crews and be conscious of other drivers. We’re excited for the new road to be ready in 2016!

Great Concert Performances – As Always!

As usual, Redfish Lake Lodge has lined-up a phenomenal group of bands and musicians for the Summer 2015 Concert Season. We’re very happy to welcome back some of our favorites, like Muzzie Braun, Laura Meyer, Caitlin Canty, and The Barking Owls (among many others), so start planning your trip up for a concert on the lawn now. You can find a full schedule of concert events online, along with weekly updates and band descriptions, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest. And be sure to like us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram – we’d love it if you’d share your comments and photos with us.

There’s something for everyone at Redfish Lake Lodge this Summer! Start planning your trip today.

We still have reservations available – especially during our quiet season – so contact us today to learn more!