Top 12 Reasons To Visit Redfish Lake in June


Warming temperatures melt winter snow which fills rivers, creeks, and streams to their highest levels of the year. This leads to roaring waterfalls and epic photo opportunities. Local highlights include Lady Face and Bridal Veil Falls, and Goat Falls, the Sawtooth Mountain’s largest plunge. Be sure to pack your rain jacket and Gore-Tex boots.


Melting snow and warming temperatures wake many animals from their winter slumber, while snow keeps them down at lower elevations where food is available. The smaller crowds at this time often create great opportunities for wildlife viewing. Explore trails like Fishhook Creek, Marshall Lake, and the Bench Lakes to snap some wild pics.


Snow clinging to the Sawtooths adds depth and color to photographs, which highlights the mountains’ majesty and grandeur. Newly green grasses and trees combine with fresh flower blooms to add color to blue skies, wild creatures, shimmering lakes, and roaring waterfalls as the perfect recipe to make any amateur photographer an expert.


Temperatures in June are warming but not yet hot. This creates a perfect atmosphere for physical activities, such as hiking, biking, climbing, and running. Warm days are great for enjoying uncrowded beaches, while nights are still cool enough to make campfires extra cozy and s’mores extra special.


Fewer campers at this time of year mean more available campsites and quieter campgrounds. This may be your best opportunity to snag that spot you’ve always wanted, while finding the bathroom all to yourself. Be sure to pack your warm blankets and plenty of s’mores supplies because this is the perfect time of year for campfires and cookouts.


Less visitors and campers in the area means fewer people wandering the trails in the backcountry. This adds up to a lower likelihood of encountering a human, but a higher likelihood of encountering an animal along your route. Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy listening to the uninterrupted sounds of nature as blooming flowers below and snowy peaks above add color along your path.


The water is a bit chilly at this time of year (Low 50s) but, for those that dare, it is a great time to enjoy your own quiet space on the beach. Children seem oblivious to the cooler temperatures, while parents can more easily keep an eye out while escaping into a book. The Redfish Marina often has more rentals available at this time of year, so take the opportunity to paddle around or take the family out for a pontoon picnic.

BLOOMING WILDFLOWERSWildflowers Bloom Near Trail

As snow melts and sun shines, resilient flowers bloom anew along the many area trails that follow Sawtooth mountain streams and hillsides. Fertile spaces at low elevation, such as the Fishhook Creek drainage, tend to see the earliest blooms. While higher elevations tend to follow throughout July, as snow disappears and plant life is exposed. This creates wonderful color for pictures against the backdrop of white on the rocky mountain peaks.


On Sunday through Thursday nights from the beginning of the season through mid-June, guests can take advantage of quiet season rates at Redfish Lake Lodge. These discounted rates offer a significant savings for travelers vacationing on a budget and create great incentive to visit the historical lodge during some of the quietest times of the year. Call Redfish Lake Lodge or check reservations.

*Quiet season rates are also offered on Sunday through Thursday from September 2 to October 3. Start planning now!


Less boat traffic and fewer people often lead to calmer water on Redfish Lake. You’ll find it much easier to travel much further on your paddle board or kayak without having to fight the waves of ski boats and fishermen. Take the opportunity to paddle longer and explore more of the lake in a smaller watercraft. Visit the Redfish Lake Lodge Marina for lots of fun options.


The start of a new summer brings out tons of new souvenirs, accessories, toys, outdoor gear, clothing, and more, so be sure to stop by the Redfish Lake Lodge General Store to be one of the first to check out all the new stuff. You’ll be the first in line for all the sizes and styles of the new season. Don’t miss your chance to be the summer trendsetter.


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