Time is Flying By!

Where did the summer go?  I know we have a couple more weeks before school starts, but still!  Time flies when you are having fun, especially when you are at the lake.  If you haven’t made it up yet, there is still time. For those who have made it, we all really hope you had a wonderful time!

There is something truly magical about this place, indescribable actually.  We feel very privileged to get to stay here day after day.  Each day brings us a new glimpse into the beauty of this wonderful area.  Every sunrise and sunset is different and unique as the people who visit this place.  The lodge is now 81 years old and each day we are constantly reminded about how precious this historic site is. When you arrive here it feels like home.

The lodge is open through September so take advantage of this magical place before the snow arrives.

We welcome you home to Redfish Lake Lodge!