New Website

It’s a new era at Redfish Lake Lodge!!  We are happy to be launching our new website and have spent many days thinking about how we can help get you information better and communicate effectively with those who share the love of Redfish Lake.  With this website we are excited about being able to show to you, our guest, who we are and what we are about.  We want you to feel like you are “coming home” when you are our guest or an online visitor.
One of the biggest changes with this new site is online room and cabin reservations.  We have gone back and forth with this idea for a long time, and finally just decided to go ahead it.  Don’t worry you may still call us whenever to book your room or ask any kind of question.  Here at Redfish Lake, we all are hoping this new reservation system will make your vacation planning easier for you.
Another wonderful feature on the new site will be a photo of the day.  Everyone knows a picture is worth a 1000 words, well, we truly believe that.  Pictures are memories taken in time, and we want to share our little piece of heaven with those who couldn’t be at the lake on a particular day.  Fill free to check out the picture of the day, every day.
Not only do we have a new website but we are also Facebooking and Tweeting!  This is a new ‘adventure’ for all of us and it has been fun to interact with so many across the country who share their love with Redfish Lake.  Make sure you become our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We will be constantly posting new things and lots of fun events!
Come visit us at the lake for a wonderful day,  or extended stay, whatever you prefer, but either way we will welcome you Home!