Men's cycling jerseys – highly functional and comfortable bikewear

Cycling jerseys are exceptionally breathable, absorb perspiration and overall contribute to keeping your skin pleasantly dry and to preventing your body from cooling down or overheating. Although all cyclists benefit from these basic characteristics, there are big differences between a cycling jersey for road cyclists and a bike shirt for mountain bikers, for example. While a road cycling jersey is all about the tight fit, things can be a little more casual when riding an MTB. Of course, whether on the road or the trail, the jersey expresses a commitment to your sport and style. In our shop you will find a large, high-quality selection of jerseys from numerous manufacturers and brands that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs in every respect.


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Our Bike-Discount guide to finding the ideal bike jersey

As a core element of every serious cycling outfit, cycling jerseys are a must for any sports activity on the bike. Thanks to modern technologies in materials and design specifically adapted to cycling, these advanced garments offer a number of advantages over your usual cotton shirt. Anyway, if you need a cycling jersey in which you will feel great while cycling, you have come to the right place. Because the selection of excellent bikewear at Bike-Discount is huge and features international top brands such as Assos, Castelli, Molon Labe or Cube. But it doesn't help much to be spoilt for choice if you don't know what to look for. Choosing your cycling jersey can be quite a task. To make it easier for you, we have put together a few recommendations.

The most important advice on fit, functions, and features for choosing the right cycling jersey

  • Functionality: Every good cycling jersey should be made of textiles that are breathable, allow good air circulation, and optimally transport moisture from the inside out. Because only these properties ensure that your body remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the entire cycling experience.
  • Fit: The choice between a cycling jersey with a tight or wide cut, it is not just a matter of looks. Every cycling discipline has its own requirements. In road cycling, where speed and aerodynamics are the key factors, a shirt that flutters loosely in the wind would be a nuisance. In this case, you should use a tight-fitting jersey. Many cycling jerseys of this type have zips so that you can put them on quickly and easily despite their tight cut as well as additional features such as pockets to carry bottles, energy gels, and gadgets. The zipper also allows for a tight closure of the jerseys at the neck to prevent air from accumulating under the jersey while riding. For the same reason, many models have arm and back cuffs which feature silicone attachments or are made of elastic material. This enables them to fit perfectly at all critical points and seals the jersey against the wind. If you are looking for a mountain biking jersey, you can opt for a looser fit, because in many MTB disciplines freedom of movement is more important than aerodynamics.

Cycling jerseys with short or long sleeves should not be too short

In addition to good ventilation, optimum moisture transport, and a perfect fit for the intended use, a good cycling jersey also has to be comfortably long. Cycling jerseys are usually slightly shorter at the front than at the back because of the forward leaning position of the upper body on the bike. This is to prevent unpleasant creases on the front and to ensure that the lower back is always covered. You should also consider which sleeve length you prefer. Short-sleeved jerseys are not just more comfortable in summer, they can also be upgraded for changeable, unpredictable or cold weather with appropriate functional clothing, such as arm warmers or jackets. If you plan to ride your bike mainly in cold weather, you should definitely choose a long sleeve jersey. The sleeves can also be pushed up if necessary and the famous "three back pockets" are a standard feature of most road cycling jerseys. After all, it's important that you can easily store your energy bars for long tours!