Our Top Planning Tips for the Ultimate Redfish Experience!

When planning a trip to Redfish Lake Lodge, we know there’s a lot of excitement, and also questions involved! Let us help you plan ahead with some of our top tips for making your visit to Redfish Lake Lodge a vacation you won’t forget!



A dining experience at Limbert’s at Redfish Lake Lodge is one you can’t afford to miss! Limbert’s is open for breakfast and dinner, so to ensure you have a guaranteed spot, you can make reservations on our Dining page on our website, or by calling the front desk of the Lodge. Note that no reservations are necessary for the Rustic Lounge or Lakeside Grill.

Boat Rentals

If you plan to explore beautiful Redfish lake, it’s worth considering renting a boat! All boats (except for pontoon boats) are available on a first-come-first-serve basis at the marina. To secure a pontoon boat, you can make a reservation on the Marina page of our website or by calling the front desk. If a pontoon interests your group, you may also want to check out our incredible Sunset Appetizer Cruise (booked over the phone) and daily Lake Tours. Our pontoon boats are a popular choice and rentals are limited, so be sure to book well in advance to secure one for a perfect day out on the lake!

Campgrounds & Day Use Areas

The lodge is surrounded by many beautiful Forest Service campgrounds and day use areas for guests to enjoy! Some of these are first-come-first-serve, but many are able to reserve in advance through the forest service at recreation.gov.

For more on information camping please see our camping blog.


What to Expect

Just like the changing of the seasons, Redfish Lake Lodge and the surrounding Sawtooth National Forest undergo many changes over the course of a year and your experience will vary greatly depending on each season! Here’s a general idea of what to expect:

Opening/Early Summer

The Lodge opens in May, and “May” weather around here means that it “may” shine, it “may” rain, it “may” snow! May does what it wants in the Sawtooths, but as long as you come prepared with a variety of layers (even beach-day layers!) you are sure to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of summer emerging into the valley as the snow-capped peaks tower over valleys of wildflowers and green fields. Lake temps are typically colder at this time with spring runoff flowing into the lake, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a beautiful day on the Lake!

Mid-Summer/Peak Season

As summer fully emerges at Redfish Lake, the energy and visitation increase as well! We love the fun summer atmosphere of beach days, long hikes, and family adventures. These conditions can also cause frustration with busy trailheads and full parking lots, and decreased availability of rentals. With a little bit of planning, these issues are easily resolved! If you’re arriving from out of town and hoping to park near the Lodge, we recommend arriving by late morning to find a spot! For guests staying at our Stanley Properties, we hope you’ll take advantage of our complimentary shuttle to and from the lake to eliminate the stress of parking. When trailheads are busy in July and August, it is important to be respectful of those around you and the beautiful environment, listen to and read Forest Service signs and notices and arrive early to allow for secondary plans to develop. To ensure you don’t miss out on a fantastic day on the lake with a boat rental, be sure to book pontoons well in advance, or arrive early at the marina for first-come-first-serve rentals.


As Fall colors the aspen groves and the weather gets a little moodier, our recommendations here are much like those for early summer! Layers will prepare you for chillier mornings, and it doesn’t hurt to pack your swimsuit for the not-uncommon sunny fall days that find you in the sunshine with the beach to yourself! Energy shifts to a slower pace, and we recommend everyone get a taste of a Sawtooth Fall, as it’s one of our absolute favorites.

Whatever brings you to Redfish, whatever the season, we know there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Redfish Lake Lodge! To learn more about all the Lodge has to offer and for help planning your visit to Redfish Lake, check out Redfish Lake Lodge, and make your reservations today!


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Dinner on table at Limbert's Restaurant at Redfish Lake Lodge