Everything you need to know about the Redfish Shuttle

Everything you need to know about the Redfish Shuttle (also known as the Redfish hiker boat shuttle, or Redfish Ferry)


What is it?

The Redfish Lake Lodge marina offers an incredible boat shuttle that goes from the north end of Redfish Lake to the south end. This takes day hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers or those just simply interested in sightseeing. The shuttle saves hikers and backpackers up to 6 miles (one-way) of hiking and drops guests off at the Redfish Inlet Trailhead, right in the middle of the Sawtooth National Forest! 

Where is it located/where do I park?

The Redfish shuttle leaves from the Redfish Marina, right in front of the lodge. The marina staff under the main canopy will help you get on your way. If you are just going on a day hike, you may park anywhere around the lodge. If you are going to be gone overnight, you will need to park at the backpacker parking lot which is about .25 miles from the main lodge, and offers free overnight parking. This parking lot is often also called the Redfish Trailhead Parking Lot. 

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What is the daily schedule?

We leave on demand with two or more people anytime that we are open. Just show up at the marina and we will take you right across the lake. We have set pick up times on the far side of the lake coming home at 9am,12pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. We will wait until 5 minutes after the hour before returning back to the lodge. If we are at the dock at a time that is not a guaranteed pickup time, we will be happy to take you back home to the lodge!

When is it open?

We offer the Redfish shuttle from Memorial Day weekend to the middle of October. Check in with the lodge to see when our closing day is. The marina opens at 7am in the spring and summer, and at 8am after Labor Day. It closes at 8pm in the spring and summer, and at 7pm in the fall after Labor Day. 

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Do I need a reservation?

No reservations are required! If you are a large group of more than 15, you can call the lodge to let us know ahead of time to make sure your departure goes smoothly and efficiently. 

Where can I hike from the Redfish Inlet Trailhead (drop off point)?

Popular day hikes include (not a complete list): 

The Lily Ponds and Waterfalls (1.5 miles round trip)

Bench Lakes and walking back to the Lodge (7 miles)

Alpine Lake (10 Miles round trip)

Saddleback Lake (6 miles round trip)


Popular Backpacking Destinations (not a complete list):

Cramer Lake (one night)

Baron Lakes (one night)

Hiking to Tin Cup Trailhead (Multi-night) 

How much does it cost?

See our Marina page for current prices. 


The Redfish Shuttle is the perfect way to  get out and adventure in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. It is one of our favorite activities and we hope that it opens the door for your Idaho adventure. Please give us a call at 208-774-3536 for any questions or additional information.