Experience the Salmon River with Silver Cloud Expeditions

The Salmon River runs through the heart of Idaho, beckoning to be explored. Thrill seekers gather to ride its rapids while fishermen troll its waters. Are you interested in experiencing its allure for yourself? Enlist the help of Silver Cloud Expeditions. Make some lasting memories with these rafting experts!

If you’re planning on traveling down the Salmon River, our complimentary Vacation Guide is here to help. In it, you’ll find companies like Silver Cloud Expeditions that are experts in fishing and rafting. We know that planning a vacation can be challenging, so we created this free guide to save you from hours of research. Plus, it has extra activities for ideas on what to do during your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge!

Silver Cloud Expeditions Raft Trips

A multi-day raft trip with Silver Cloud Expeditions will make you feel like you are in another world. While you are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will get a chance to reconnect with nature during one of their trips. Not only will you experience both the calm waters and exciting rapids, but knowledgeable guides will also teach you all about the pioneers that blazed the trail to Idaho hundreds of years ago. Between admiring the awe-inspiring landscape and enjoying the outdoors, you’ll be entertained by stories about history, gold mining, wildlife, and more before you fall asleep each night under the stars.

Silver Cloud Expeditions Scenic Floats

Going on a relaxing scenic float on the Salmon River is the perfect activity to enjoy during your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge. Let the natural current of the river take you and your group past wildlife and canyon scenery. Float past the tree-dotted landscape as you breathe in the fresh Idaho air. This is the perfect opportunity to get an easy introduction to rafting while learning a little bit about the area. If you’re over 21, we recommend the Appetizer and Beverage Scenic Floats option. There’s nothing more calming than floating through tranquil waters as you enjoy delicious appetizers and drinks!

Fishing Silver Cloud Expeditions

The Salmon River holds the amazing opportunity to catch ocean-run steelhead and Chinook salmon far away from their usual spot in the ocean. It is also home to one of the healthiest, all-wild populations of trout in the area. Silver Cloud Expeditions are experts at helping you catch whichever fish is in season. Choose from trips that last from 1-5 days, each complete with a fishing expert guide. Feel the rush as you reel in fish after fish from the Salmon River.

Stay in the Best Lodging Stanley Has to Offer

You’ll love coming back to Redfish Lake Lodge after your excursion with Silver Cloud Expeditions. Continue your reconnection with nature when you stay at our mountainside resort. Choose from a wide range of accommodations, each designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking to relax as you enjoy views of Redfish Lake, indulge in some home cooked meals, or get out on the water, Redfish Lake Lodge offers something for everyone.  Check our availability and contact us to book your stay today!

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