Do I Really Need To Sanctify Myself For Christ? || Has God called you to become His bond-servant? Has He been urging you to sanctify yourself? Join me as God reveals the truth of becoming His servant...

God led me to Romans 1:1.

Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God, (Romans 1:1)

sanctify: reading Romans

What is so significant about this sentence? I referred to the notes in my study Bible on the word bond-servant.

And once I read the long notation, I thought, I don’t know if I can be your bond-servant, God. My shocking confession: I’d consider myself a partial servant, at best.

Standing On Indecision

I’m standing on the threshold of God’s front door- half in and half out. When I began to inch my way inside is when I started spending lots of time with and obeying Him.

It had been a slow process, but God prefers the tortoise and the hare version when it comes to our walk with Him. But now I’ve reached a crossroad… a point of indecision.

sanctify: tortoise

He had asked me a few weeks ago to completely sanctify myself. I must admit that I ignored His urgings, even as they became more noticeable.

Until one day I said, “God, I don’t think I can fully commit to being your bond-servant!” Because a bond-servant is like Paul, James, and Peter.

Hesitating To Change

They were persecuted, even undergoing extreme hardship like stoning, imprisonment, and public ridicule. Even though I live in a time and place that doesn’t practice those horrible acts, there’s still persecution.

And, admittedly, I’m hesitant to give up some of the things He has convicted me of because of it. I’m hesitant to change my lifestyle- to shed the fat clinging to my spirit and weighing it down.

sanctify: starting line

But over the past three months, I have started small. I used to listen to aggressive music during workouts because I had better results and motivation with it.

It never bothered me before because I wouldn’t really pay attention to the words or meanings behind it all. I just fed off the energy and the passion to get through my exercises.

Guarding Myself

But then God brought my thought-life into the mix. He emphasized that everything I watch and listen to really does matter.

Even if I didn’t pay attention to the content, I consumed it all just like subliminal messages. I was passively indoctrinating myself to sexist, racist, and hateful jargon.

sanctify: passive listening

The same occurred with the shows I watched. I was watching shows like Game of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black; I was being entertained by just as sexually immoral and graphic movies.

When God started convicting me of these things, I began to walk away from them. Yet, recently He has called me to completely sanctify myself.

Calling To Sanctify

God said I was ready to, but sadly, I didn’t feel ready. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything with family, friends, and even my spouse.

Already I could feel the strain of not being able to watch my husband’s favorite shows with him. And I am afraid to tell people that I can’t partake because of God’s calling for me.

sanctify: setting apart

I know from my own relationship with God that He’s kind and generous. He’s sacrificed His Son for me because He loves me so much.

Yet even knowing that God isn’t like a slave owner as we understand one to be, I still resisted His calling for me. Why?

Transforming Desires

God knew what was in my heart and responded, “It isn’t a burden and sacrifice to submit to Me. When you willingly sanctify yourself, worldly desires begin to transform into My desires.”

So as I get closer to God, I want more of what He wants. My desires for personal enjoyment, pleasing others, fitting in, and financial success undergo a process of compliant metamorphosis.

sanctify: becoming a butterfly

God doesn’t want me to sacrifice like a Christian martyr; He wants me to have abundance, enjoyment, and freedom. He wants more for me than I could ever imagine, if I’d just follow Him completely.

‘May the LORD, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand-fold more than you are and bless you, just as He has promised you! (Deuteronomy 1:11).

Taking His Hand

It’s taken me a long time to realize that pleasing others and attempting to fit in has never made me happy. And I believe that God is pushing me to cut off any desire to do so.

What I found entertaining before will no longer be available without conviction. It seems painful at first, but I must forever be on guard for the devil’s insurgency in every way.

sanctify: watchful eye

No longer will I be allowed to remain a lukewarm Christian. I must relinquish my perceived freedom in order to gain all of His, and to attain His spiritual perception when I am unsure.

For He truly knows more than I do. And He has a greater vision of my life that I have yet to walk into, if I’d only take His hand and be fully led by Him.

Standing Out For Christ

Above all, I’m curious to experience what life in Christ truly means. Because God gave us more than eternal life through Jesus’ death.

He gave us peace, freedom, life, and so much more as we live and breathe today! So if you desire more of the goodness that God has made available to you, then you absolutely need to sanctify yourself.

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  1. This is such a convicting post for me today as I know there are little things in my life that I’m not handing over and I’m feeling called and pulled to do so. Things that don’t seem big, like shows, as you mention, but if they’re not big why do I struggle to let them go? I will need to pray over the scriptures you provided. (Also I’ve come to love Christian rap when I’m strength training!)

    • Even today, I found myself arguing with God about the show I was watching, so you are not alone, Melissa! I have also discovered Christian rap, but it’s such a drastic difference from what I had been listening to that I fear it will take some getting used to!

  2. It’s almost like this was written straight to me. I really needed to read this today, as the same thing has been weighing heavily on me lately. I do not hand over as I should at all, and I think I’m ignoring major things I’m being pulled to do.

    • You are not alone in this, Missica! It’s really difficult to hand over what we find enjoyable and pleasing, even if we know it’s not pleasing and enjoyable to God. I will pray for you on this!

  3. I have consecrated myself completely to be Christ’s bond-servant, too! God has changed my desires, and I no longer enjoy the entertainment that I used to consider neutral. It causes people to rehearse sin in their minds. I never thought of it that way.

    • It does, Susan! The anger from the music I was listening to and all the suggestive content from the shows I was watching was affecting me greatly. I hope others understand the power of what they consume in their daily lives as well!

  4. It’s truly amazing the difference between how heavy our hearts will feel when we’re ignoring God’s call and the freedom we feel when obeying Him and giving our all to Him. Thanks for this truth today!

    • Thanks, Emily! I think God presses upon us because He knows that pleasing Him is what we truly desire to do, even at the expense of giving up some of the things we find joy in. It just takes some nudging to get us to!

  5. I have! And yes I have experienced God calling to give up media that was either hurtful or just not helpful. Not as a punishment but because he loves me. Just like we love our kids and don’t want them to get hurt by TV, music, movies…the same holds true of us as adults. The turning point for me was when I realized it was out of love. thank you for sharing!!

  6. What a great post! “So if you desire more of the goodness that God has made available to you, then you absolutely need to sanctify yourself.” Yes, I desire this goodness, so I will intentionally do what he calls me to do!

  7. I recently deleted songs from my phone and I have since been searching for Christian music to listen to. I am also looking for Christian movies to be watching. I thank you for this brave article since it encourages in my quest.

  8. Jessica,
    Thank You for your honest and raw words. Every day I pray to die to self so that I become less and Christ becomes more. Sometimes, I feel like the enemy is the pied-piper who plays a song, show or even a commercial and it can take me to a place I had no intention of going. I have limited what I watch, what I see, what I listen to and how long I watch because I found myself making excuses for not spending time with God and became totally convicted. My heart’s desire is to get to know the Father better, so I can reflect His love to everyone. It is funny how the things I once desired I have no desire for now because I know God has much better for me. I’m not settling for crumbs.

    • Beautiful, Sheila! And you make a great point that it’s not just about what we are watching or listening to, but also if what we are partaking in is distracting us from spending time with God. You are a wonderful encouragement to us all:)

  9. What an honest response, Jessica! It’s amazing to me that the Lord told Paul in Acts that he would suffer for the name of Jesus and Paul boldly accepted that challenge. Like you, I think most of us struggle with this idea, but in the end realize he is worth it!

    • I think we can learn something from Paul in this instance. He wasn’t focused on the suffering, and as he continued His walk with Christ, the supposed suffering almost became underwhelming as compared to the overwhelming freedom and joy experienced with walking so closely with Christ!


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