Sometimes, as Christians, we lose our way.

We believe in Jesus Christ, but we’ve lost touch with Him. It may have been slowly over time, or a distancing that occurred instantly. However it happens, we allow doubt and discouragement to creep in, replacing our hope, belief, and trust.

Raised in the church, I lost my way just like so many others. But the amazing truth about God is that He is always seeking His lost sheep, even if it’s just one that loses their way!

Rejoicing Return

And we witness just that in the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7). Where the shepherd (God) searches, finds, and then rejoices at our discovery.

But God already knows where we are, so why would He need to find us? It simply means that God waits until we want Him to find us.

How do we show Him that we want to be found? We simply pray to Him for forgiveness and ask Him to come back into our lives, rekindling our relationship once more!

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