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What do we do when all efforts have been exhausted?

What do we do when we have nothing left, having prayed continually and acted in good faith? All we can ever do is to remain hopeful in God!

Though it sounds simple, hoping in Him requires unwavering trust. We trust in His good character, word, and will in order to carry out what is best for us.

Hoping In Him

Isn’t hoping in others hard to do, especially when they have disappointed us in the past? I think so!

I find that my hope and trust easily wain because of the inconsistencies of human nature. And so I’ve learned to quickly become doubtful and distrusting.

But with God, the more I try to do my own thing, the more He allows me to wander around lost in my distrust. And so it becomes a lesson in understanding who He is.

So how do we understand who He is in order to remain hopeful and trusting in Him? We turn to Scripture, which gives us the understanding of God’s unchangingly good and perfect nature!   

Psalm 119:114 Printable

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in Your word. (Psalm 119:114)

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  1. I find that I have to actively choose to put my hope in His word daily! If I don’t intentionally choose to trust in Him daily, I can falter and feel like I am floating. But this reminds me that God is to be our daily bread. That we need Him for survival in the best kind of way.

  2. What a great printable! My hope and trust wax and wane too. As I spend more time in the Word and remember His promises, I can tell my feelings that they aren’t the truth. God is hope and He is faithful!


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