Good bicycle locks make it much harder to steal your bike

If you don't want to be one of the many victims of bicycle theft, you will be well advised to secure your bike well and invest in a reliable bike lock or even several ones. An anti-theft protection with several strong locks has the advantage that it makes life harder for bicycle thieves and stealing your bike much more difficult. Many thieves are discouraged in advance by the combination of a good U-lock and a chain lock or a spiral lock and a folding lock. In our shop, cyclists can not only buy a high-quality bicycle lock, but also find the right accessories and thus prevent the painful loss of their beloved bicycle.

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Secure your bike and lock it

There is nothing more aggravating than getting your bike stolen. All the work and equipment you put into it are lost within a moment. So security first!
To improve your bike’s security the easiest way is to purchase a bike lock. There are different types of locks with different types of advantages. At Bike-Discount you can choose from a broad range of different products or even combine – for maximum security. This section features categories such as chain locks, coiling cable locks, foldable locks, also frame locks, U-locks and extensions. Furthermore we offer theft protection and accessories for extra security. Looking at the advantages of chain locks you can definitely say that they represent one of the most secure types of locks. Their heavy weight chains are not easy to cut through. Besides those are quite inexpensive bike locks.
Coiling cable locks are pretty light and fit comfortably in your backpack. You can use them in combination with other bike lock systems to secure removable parts like the saddle.
Foldable locks offer high security and can be folded into to a small box that fits easily into your bag. When unfolding them, they create a geometrical shaped bike lock. Based on the ABUS system they prove to be very secure.
Frame locks are directly connected to your wheel and frame. They can be a suitable addition to a second bike lock. Combining two types of locks has proven to be most effective against bike theft.
You might already be familiar with U-locks. They fit quite well around the front and rear tyre or the frame. Not many have been successful trying to break those open.
There is no 100% guarantee you won’t ever have your bike stolen. It all depends on the handling and the situation. It is safe to say though, that a combination of several locks makes a safe deal in the end.

Best prevention: Knowing common theft techniques

To be able to decide on a bike lock it is useful to switch perspectives. Looking at the way thieves operate, can help you: use their tricks to your advantage. Common techniques are levering, striking, unbolting, cutting and picking. The perfect chance for levering a lock is, when a very loose fitting lock leaves a gap between the stand and the bike. A criminal might just break your lock open, if it touches the ground – all he has to do, is strike it with a heavy object. Unbolting leaves you with nothing but a wheel or the frame alone. If you only lock your bike by the wheel it can easily be detached. Cutting and picking do represent the most common techniques out of all. These are fast and simple: Thieves only cut the lock and chain of the bike or unlock it with a pointed object.

More hacks to keep your bike safe

Great ways to protect your bike are Theft Protection Labels. The idea is based on a cyclist network that connects via the label you can purchase. All you need to do is register the code written on the label online or via the application form. This way you can take advantage of a worldwide theft-check-network that tracks the location of your bike. Additionally have a look at the various extensions and accessories that could support your own locking system. Extensions serve to increase the length of your lock in case it is too short or you like to wrap it around several parts of the bike. Going through accessories, you may discover locks specifically designed for wheels and saddles. Lock holders and frame brackets offer a good solution for a more convenient way of transporting your bike lock. On a bigger scale you might want to check out other transportation products  that may be attached to your bike and assist you while on the road.